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Baby Blau Our Story Germany Asia

Our Story

The idea for Baby Blau was born when Désirée was asked multiple times to bring baby products from Germany for her friends to Asia which were either not available or not authentic.

You can already buy everything on the internet – from food to electronics to clothing – but who takes care of people who have the least amount of time: Parents
Who likes to carry all the heavy baby products home?
Which daddy doesn’t know the struggle to find the right diaper size?
Who likes to shop with grouching kids?

Everyone just wants one thing: MORE TIME WITH FAMILY!
No more time wasted in crowded shopping malls after an exhausting workday. Instead, enjoy quality time with your kids or relax – simply order from the office or when the children are asleep.

Knowing that many families have similar wishes, Baby Blau was created to make your life easier so that you have more time for your loved ones!